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Hi, I’m Maria and I have always loved to create. I can remember making Barbie Doll clothes out of scraps of fabric as early as 6 years old and I’ve never met a craft I didn’t want to try, but crochet has been a passion since I was a kid.

I was fascinated by my mother’s friend who could make fabulous clothing out of odds and ends. I would watch her crochet and try to memorize how her hands moved. One day I picked up a hook and some crochet thread that my mother had laying around, and I started to crochet. The first thing I made was a crude doily, but it was enough to encourage me to continue. I bought pattern books with my allowance and tried to follow the diagrams to learn different stitches.

Over the years I have tried various crafts but always return to my first loves, sewing and crocheting! Pattern Paradise is my opportunity to share my creative ideas with all of you. I hope you enjoy your visits here and will return often!



14 Responses to About

  1. Lou says:

    I’m trying to order the houndstooth slippers….trouble with the paypal. Did you get my payment? Can you e-mail the pattern to me?


  2. Karla says:

    Hi Maria, I was looking through all your wonderful things and noticed a stars and stripes bag at the top of the page but couldn’t find a pattern for it. So I was wondering if you have a pattern for it weather it be free or paid that I can get. I love everything that you have created and I hope that you do a lot more. Thank you in advance for any help.


  3. Sandy says:

    Maria Just bought your pattern Pearls & Lace Blanket. Not sure how much yarn of each color to buy to make it?


  4. Hi.. Maria. I like your blog and I glad to say. you have been nominated for Liebster award. Congratz !!!.


  5. Dawn says:

    I used your pattern for the Wildly Warm Crochet Headband and have made one but will start on the other later this evening for a fundraiser. Very fun to make. I did a variance on the yarn though. The first one I did was black yarn and I mixed in this “feathery” yarn with it. You can’t see the stitches on it (which is a shame because its a cute stitch) but I think it looks kind of cool. When I mail all of my finished products off to Utah I will be adding a card giving the credit to each designer. I will also be posting pics on my FB page of the finished items.


  6. Jinny Edge says:

    I have just come across your site and it is fabulous! I’ve been a knitter for almost 50 years, but only discovered crochet last year and now I am hooked (bad pun). I hope to visit often and try some of your lovely patterns. Thanks so much.



    • Thank you Jinny! Please do visit often and follow me on my social media sites too so you can get information on giveaways, free patterns and more!

      Follow me on Pinterest for boards dedicated to crochet – free patterns, techniques, stitches and more.

      LIke me on Facebook for what’s happening daily, plus giveaways, free patterns and other promotions.

      Happy Hooking ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Varda Rose says:

    Hi Maria,

    What a fun website! thanks so much for the free patterns! love the winter, warm headband, but cannot find an explanation for the reverse single crochet anywhere on your website. Would you be so kind and tell me how to do it in a sentence or two? would so appreciate it!

    Take care,



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